modular 400ml shaker bottle


We are always being told by Nutritional Experts and Manufacturers that intake of various nutritional supplements is important at specific times pre, during and post competition or training. That’s great - brilliant even - and research gives evidence to show how this can really improve performance, both short and long term. However, what no one thought is, “How do I carry around all this nutrition and have it ready to drink exactly when I need it?”.

We experienced this exact problem back in 2008 when at a Training Camp. Our sponsor - a well-known Sports Supplement Manufacturer - arrived with a vast array of Energy, Protein and Recovery Powders and expressed the importance of taking these supplements at different times during training and competition. The sponsor also supplied each squad member with ‘single’ Sports Bottles, which meant that a number of bottles had to be carried to each session or competition to hold all the supplements. And this is where the story began....



Since that camp, the continuing goal has been to solve this problem and provide not only Sports Athletes, but all Fitness, Training, Bodybuilding and Health conscious users the chance to take two pre-made nutritional drinks with you wherever you go, but in ONE single bottle. And additionally to make each fluid compartment removable to quickly change your bottle.

After years of research and development since 2012, 5 completely different designs and numerous prototypes. The solution is now here. That solution is the world’s first 2-in-1 Modular Sports Bottle from ZUPPLE.


If you require further information about the Zupple 2 in 1 Modular Shaker Bottle please email us at hello@zupple.co.uk