TWO Drinks in just ONE Bottle

about zupple double shaker bottle

Carry any TWO different types of nutrition at once!

Supplements, Energy Drinks, Water, Juices, Smoothies, Milk, Coffee, Nuts, Fruit, Yogurt, Meals, Soup

Mix & Match Pods

Interchange our modular pods throughout your busy day, to change your nutrition on the go!

Even interchange your colours too!

No Leaking

All our Pods have integrated Silicone Seals on both the Nozzle and Lid Threads to prevent any nasty leaks.

Secure Locking

All our Lids have a secure-locking clip to keep the seals tight, but are really easy to open and close.

Easy Mix & Clean

All our Pods have a rounded base to stop those powders getting stuck in the corners like a regular shaker/bottle.

Comfortable Carrying

An ergonomically designed waisted-centre, feels great when holding and carrying.