Double Shaker BlueGreen
Modular Double Shaker BlueGreen

BLUE / GREEN Bottle - 800ml (28oz)

£13.99 GBP

One Green 400ml Pod & One Blue 400ml Pod for two different types of nutrition in just one bottle. How does that sound? Water in one side and an avocado smoothie in the other to match your colours to your nutrition?

  • Easy cleaning & mixing - All pods have Rounded Base
  • No Leaking - Silicone Compression Seals
  • Secure Locking - Lid Locking Clips for secure nutrition lockdown!
  • Easy Hold & Carry - Ergonomically Waisted-Centre

BPA Free - DEHP Free - Recyclable PP - Microwave Safe (without Lid) - Freezer Safe - Dishwasher Safe

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